Friday, October 28, 2011

Must Be Genetics

Today, my husband and I had to go for bloodwork for insurance purposes and to get a better rate. Most of you may know that I am a little older than my sweet husband. Not only am I older but it appears I am in better health-lol. My blood pressure and good cholestrol are way better than his. He walks more but I drink more water and probably eat more veggies and fruit. Even though my bad cholestrol is a little higher I lost 10 pds-I really think the scale was off but I will take it. Then just to do a finger stick the nurse kept telling Scott to go drink more water because they couldn't get enough blood out of him-took the poor guy 3x. Scott must take after his Dad's side of the family and I must take after my Grandfather (I told Scott, that my Grandfather had lower blood pressure but he must have raised everyone elses-lol). So, I guess a lot of it must go back to genetics keep that in mind when you are told your cholestrol is high but do take care of yourself and eat your veggies and fruit.

By the way, afterwards we went out for breakfast. I had french toast with butter and syrup and Scott had home fries, bacon, bisquit and gravy with eggs and a large milk-I told him that is a heart attack waiting to happen; no wonder your cholestrol is so high.  Have a good weekend! Enjoy all that snow!!!

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