Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Well, its been nearly 6 weeks since I have posted anything-whew! Just been busy. And last week was even busier. The brand new Cricut cartridge, Chic & Scary made its arrival and I worked non stop to get over 100 customers their cartridge. I have a few left but not to many so if you haven't purchased one, you might want to do it soon. I even have a few Simply Scarecrow and Scandinavian Christmas Cards.

Our daughter came to visit us almost 2 wks ago from college. It was so good to see her. That has been the longest time ever we have been apart. I couldn't stop hugging her. We had a family meal, friends sleepover, soccer game and visit-at least she did a lot in the short amount of time she was here. We look forward to seeing her again soon for the holidays. We do Skype so that is always nice but not the same and of course we text.

Does anyone else have kids in college? What do you do with yourself since they have left?

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