All About Me

I am a fifty something lady from the Mid-Atlantic region. I have been married for 21 years to a wonderful man, Scott. He is very supportive of everything I do-that's why I have this blog, Ebay and my online scrapbook store. As you can see I am technologically challenged, Scott is not. I have two beautiful teenagers, my son Justin and my daughter Jessica. I have worked at various jobs throughout my life, including a shoe sales lady - I hated that job! I was then certified as a Medical Office Assistant and worked for a rehabilitation center. I remember transcribing physicians notes using a typewriter, boy have times changed, and I am only 50 something!

After I had my kids Scott said I could stay home if I wanted so I tried it and I have been home for 14 years. Has it always been easy no but I am so glad I can be home and available to my kids and volunteer at my children's school. I have enjoyed this emencly.

I became a Christian when I was 16 years old. I have attended the same church with the same pastor for 35 years.

How did I start scrapbooking? I started scrapbooking before it was known as scrapbooking. I would put pictures or cards on a page-my sister actually has one of these albums when we were teenagers. Many years later, I was invited to a Creative Memories party. Followed by this, I became a consultant for Top Line Creations which is now Breezy Designs. Since my children are growing up, I thought I needed something more so it wouldn't be such a shock when they leave our home. I began on Ebay and I am currently a Power Seller. My daughter helped me begin a Facebook page. I even have a Twitter account which I actually set up myself. Then in October 2009 I started my online store, I do attend crops as a vendor and this is always great fun.

I do hope you will join me as I write about my family, friends, faith, future empty nesters and of course my scrapbook addiction.