Thursday, September 30, 2010

Scrapbook Vendor Story

Well, I survived a crop about two weeks ago. I was quite disappointed as things did not go as I had hoped. I had put in a lot of time in different crafts to display the paper I sell. I decorated a clock, a birdhouse, frame and big paper clip. It was fun doing it but disappointed with the results. There were about 8 vendors and most of us are small. However, there was one huge vendor and of course all the ladies were in awe of them as I was-to have so many papers, embellishments, etc was amazing. And the owners were very pleasant. However, it was disheartening that the rest of us were not as busy as we had hoped. So, is that how it is in the business world of scrapbooking or weekend crops? Do most small businesses like mine and others have to go up against a large business? How do you compete? Is that even fair to the small scrapbook business to be put up against such a large scrapbook business? If I had known that I am not so sure I would have wanted to participate - is that fair to me or or the others? I spent more money this year to be competitive and made less. Yes, I did enjoy the ladies I was with; a great group of ladies and the atmosphere was great. And then, would you believe, the hotel overbooked and we small vendors had to move and they wanted to put me and another lady in a room down the hall where we would be virtually unseen. Thankfully, that didn't happen and other decisions were made but it was quite interesting to say the least. Any thoughts?