Sunday, July 24, 2011

Heat, Home and Trucks

I'm back! Love technology - I can post from almost anywhere. And our son was keeping his Dad posted as to fixing his girlfriends (but they are really just FRIENDS!) truck which she just  purchased for vacation so now their vacation is delayed (she is not happy). We are home and it is hot. I miss central air; it was so nice.

As soon as we get in the door our son is ready to fix his girlfriend's truck. She bought this truck (even though she was adviced against it) because she needed one for vacation. Anyway, it had to be towed home. My son has been working on it most of the weekend and waiting for his Dad to come home and help. Its a Ford 250 and for whatever reason it is not getting the gas it needs so they are checking fuel lines, filters and gas pump, etc.

Enjoy your day!

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