Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Monday!

Today is  the day to recover after a busy weekend. We went to our local state park and finally found a picnic table-the place was PACKED. Forgot matches for the grill, so we borrowed someone's lighter-thank you whoever you are. Ate, talked, took pictures then went canoeing and kayaking. It is then that the fun really begins. When you have two teenagers who love to torture their mother because their mother is so gullible and is a coward when it comes to water. I am the only one with a life jacket on to begin with so as we are going along, they are telling me there is a huge falls ahead because of all the rain we received. I am thinking we are on a lake how can there be a falls? Then they are hanging on to our canoe which makes me nervous because I don't want to tip over and get all wet and I have my camera with me. We all had a great time but I was relieved to be back on shore. But I do have to mention this funny scenario-on our way back both of the kids were frightened by a water snake. The kids were looking in the weeds and saw this snake with his mouth open and looking right at them-ha,ha. I told them that is God getting revenge for me because they were tormenting me.


  1. too funny! What goes around comes around! haha
    thank you so much for the awesome paper! love it!!! So pretty I dont even want to touch it!
    thanks again!
    Peggy Sue

  2. Glad you like the paper! Yes, that's what I think-God took care of me and in His own way it was payback-I had to laugh.