Sunday, March 4, 2012

Meet The Girls or Chickens

So, what are chickens doing on a scrapbook blog? Well, I decided I wanted to raise some chickens and get some good eggs this summer. Yesterday, my husband and I went to Tractor Supply and purchased 6 baby chicks. My son's girlfriend also has some chickens, so I plan on asking her for 3-4 because they lay blue eggs. If I could locate some Silkies, I plan on buying them too. I really want an Eclectus male baby parrot but I am afraid it will scream and all that stuff that some parrots do. We do have Oliver, my Senegal and of course he has his moments but it is tolerable.
By the way, we use to have chickens years ago so we are not totally ignorant of chickens. Anyway, here are some pics of my baby chicks. These particular chicks are California Whites-good egg layers and hardy.

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