Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August 2011

I guess it hasn't been to long since I last posted. August has been super busy here! My husband, daughter and myself went on a missions trip along with 4 others to the Dominican Republic. We built a roof for a Haitian chapel. It took about a day and half because of the size. This was one of the first times TIME Ministries had anyone attempt such a feat. But God was good and kept us safe and provided the help and REALLY Hot days to build. We had other opportunities to visit other churches and the teens had a puppet show for children which the kids really liked. Not sure if anyone has heard about Cercadillo in the DR. Its a village not recognized by the gov't because they people for whatever reason have no birth certificates. So, this wonderful lady, Ina has been there I think for about 5 years and you would not believe the difference. Other churches have come from around the world to build wells, chapel, organize healthcare, dental care, VBS and a host of other things for the benefit of the village. The ladies have learned to sew and make these beautiful bags, necklaces, and pouches. They need someone to help market these items and sell them in the USA; so if you know anyone who has importing knowledge, please let me know. Thanks! Also, if you want a great way to see part of the world, good food and an encouraging summer missions trip, visit

While we were in the DR, we received a call that my Dad had pneumonia and was in the hospital. So upon returning, we left for NY to see how he was doing. He didn't look good that's for sure but he is coming around. Followed by taking our daughter to college. This was a time of mixed emotions (I was in a daze I think for those few days, really) because she is having a great time but at the same time it was sad because she is growing up and we are experiencing the Empty Nest Syndrome.

Know sooner do we return home Hurricane Irene is closing in on the East Coast, so back to NY we go. My Dad's hometown area was evacuated and we had to drive back to NY to pick him up. At least I can keep my eye on him. He is not really happy but we just got our electricity back Monday afternoon and he still doesn't have it.

So, I feel like August was a blur. Not to mention, I am taking an online class which began Monday (I think I am out of my mind or will be shortly).

Enjoy your final days of summer before school begins again. Take lots of pictures to preserve those memories.

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