Saturday, October 2, 2010

Bloomsburg Fair

My husband and I went to the fair yesterday. Although it is not his favorite thing to do, he went for me (thanks Scott). My family lived in NYC for many yrs and one of the traditions we had was to skip school on the weekend and drive from NYC with our grandparents to PA. I was always amazed that the entire school district had the week off from school. Growing up in the city I found that truly wonderful; how fortunate for those kids but I on the other hand had to go to school. We would wonder around to all the exhibits and see family members we hadn't seen since the last yr. It was fun to say the least. Now, 40 yrs later we are texted by our kids - "Do you want to buy us supper?" I told Scott that we should not answer the text and run for the exit and then say, sorry we have already left - (aren't I a bad mother?). Of course, we didn't do that. We met them gave them money and wished them a nice evening with their friends being the good parents that we are. Believe it or not I didn't bring my camera. I did think about keeping the stubs for admission as my momento and putting it in my scrapbook but didn't even do that. Sometimes its nice just to go and relax and not have to take pictures. I am  learning I don't have to scrapbook everything that happens in life. Somethings I would rather forget, wouldn't you? Anyway, if you haven't gone to the fair (Bloomsburg) that is, go-it is a beautiful day and go without your camera. Just enjoy all the people around you and your loved ones. Enjoy the colors, sounds and smells.

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